Mom's Corner

Here are some interesting tips for you to help manage your kids's nutrition and also bond with them better!.
Allow kids to eat by themselves rather than spoon-feeding them. This will help them develop better eating habits and be more self-sufficient.
Tell your kids stories during meals instead of letting them watch TV. This will help them concentrate and allow you to bond with them. This can also aid in developing their power of imagination.
Add pureed fruits like mangoes and bananas to your kid’s morning bowl of cereal to make it more exciting and even more nutritious. A different fruit every day is an easy way to bring variety.
Reinforce the consumption of vegetables by serving them with healthy and tasty snacks like whole wheat pasta, sandwiches, pavbhaji etc.
Kids tend to emulate their parents when it comes to various activities. You play an important role in your kids’ eating patterns. So eat with them to inculcate good eating habits.
Don’t restrict any food item completely. It will reinforce desire. Instead, let your kid indulge in moderation.
Let your kids be a part of the preparations. For instance, allow them to roll the dough while making rotis or wash the vegetables before you cut them. They will eat happily if they feel more involved.
Unlike processed grain, whole grain still has its outer covering, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber that gives your child all the essential nutrients that he/she needs for consistent development.
Read labels carefully. Whole wheat and oat meal are whole grains. But "oat meal bread" and crackers are mostly refined and are much lower on nutritional value.
Make the dull rainy mornings delicious and exciting for your kids with a bowl of Kellogg’s Chocos and milk.
Add some mashed soya beans into the dough of your rotis to make them even more nutritious. Soya is tasteless so your rotis still remain as delicious and fluffy as ever.